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Zian Peek by Kalina1176


Aspiring character artist and animator. Full-time day dreamer and 84% nut case.

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Use of DeviantART/OC rant

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 11, 2015, 1:02 AM
This is purely mine and a few other's opinions, read if you dare. I'm not being friendly with this one. I'm not pointing fingers to anyone specific but if you feel that way then that probably means I disagree with what you're relating. Again, my opinion/vent journal. Don't like, don't read.

Aside from moving accounts to this one, I've been on DeviantART for 7 years. I can be certain I've been on here long enough to understand the whole, if not most of the concept, as this site has grown and developed to being the best social network for artists it currently is. Rarely would I find people posting random images, screenshots from videos they're watching or any media they picked up on the web and submitting it as a deviation until these passed few years. What the hell is happening? Have people forgotten the line of scrimmage here applied to artists? It's DISRESPECTFUL to post up someone else's art without their permission. Even with permission, it's cheating the original artist on the spotlight they've rightfully EARNED.

DeviantART is where original art is to be discovered, not the scrap shit off google you think is funny. You want to make a picture collection online? Go on Facebook, Photobucket, Tumblr, Instagram.

It's trash. All of it. When I want to see new aspiring artist's work on the homepage, newest, fresh off the press submissions of original work, I CAN'T ANYMORE. There's garbage on DA trashing the front page. It has nothing to do with art nor is it created by the person who submitted it and it pushes the real legit artwork out of view.

I am very skeptical about the use of bases because there are special exceptions I guess you could apply but I'm still iffy. It's so simple and easy to shit these things out and they literally spam the place which scoops up page views and DeviantART "popularity" in the most scrappiest way possible DISCOURAGING the "artist" to actually learn how to draw the shit. Think about it, for those who've focused on bases for say 3 years and "struggle to learn how to draw" currently, imagine if they took those 3 years of colouring book remakes and instead, actually took the time and effort to study and learn how to draw. I don't believe this "You must be born with it" crap. That's just an excuse for those who don't want to try. I'm at my skill level because I've been persistent to learn how to draw my own stuff. It's way more fulfilling when you've busted your ass drawing your own thing rather than posting up a colouring you did. Hell, you might as well scan and post your kindergarten colouring books because it's the same damn thing. Don't hide in bases because you're not confident in your artwork, as this seems to be the main reason a lot of people do it. Everyone starts somewhere and I would much rather see your work than a damn recoloured base. Honestly, bases make your gallery look worse in my opinion. DRAW YOUR OWN STUFF AND BE CONFIDENT IN YOUR OWN STUFF DAMMIT. In the real artist world, this is plagiarism pretty much. Tracing and altering an existing piece and claiming it as your own? You get in big trouble for that. Fly at er if you of course do this for the fun but don't post it on a website pretty much designated for ORIGINAL artists. Post your own stuff PLEASE. Galleries with purely bases are just as deserving of attention as your childhood colouring books. 

I think A LOT of people can agree this is stupid. I've seen it occur a lot and it really disappoints me. Generous artists provide someone a drawing of a written description of said OC and the creator of the OC posts artwork that is not theirs to show off their OC. Now I'm certainly not cool with that at all and I don't think these artists realize just how much they're cheating themselves in business, being discovered, attention that could lead to business yadda yadda. Even if the artists are okay with this, it's just a respect thing??? Idk common sense? Like, hey man I won't take your pageviews by submitting your stuff, that should only be found in your collection. Because honestly, people won't take the effort to go through the comments to the bottom where the credits are and find the real artist and give them a fav? No, a lot of people fav and run before they even realize it isn't yours. Only post what is YOURS and link the rest of the collaborations? Is it that hard? If you only wrote the OC, post the writing! NOT THE DRAWING THAT YOU DIDN'T DRAW. You want people to see your character in someone else's art? Link THEIR original in your description so that they get the fair share. 

So there's these fan-made OCs but they literally don't fit the criteria of the fandom they're in AT ALL. I thought fan-made characters were supposed to be a fun challenge to THINK like the author/creator and create your own character based on the guidelines given in the story? FAIRY TAIL FOR EXAMPLE: In no means has there been evidence of such multi-magic characters with such little experience. I've seen like children who can punch a dragon in the face or pick it up and throw it. The canons haven't even been able to do that! Fairy Tail is a shonen and usually the main character is down right, the strongest one in the end. SO WHY IS YOUR OC SUDDENLY ABNORMALLY STRONGER? Then you have these OCs that are just so random. He's got wings, he's got a gun, he's good at gun and knife, he's good at running, he's good at magic, he's got two coloured eyes, his perfectly toned and muscular yet, light as a typical nerd yet he can easily over throw your body-building character liek he was a pillow and he's got like 400 different requip weapons, 300 outfits and like 200 types of magic and a pet unicorn that is stronger than Igneel. WTF!? This is exaggerated but sadly it's close to the description of a lot of OCs I've come across. These OCs "ingredients" are like toxic waste, you don't make a cake with scrap metal, chocolate, fruit, rubber, salt, paper, acid, plastic, dog shit and flour.Like? Add some organization to your character, give them structure, GIVE THEM WEAKNESSES. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH FUN WEAKNESSES ARE IN A CHARACTER? YOU'RE MISSING OUT ON PLOT STRAIN WHEN YOUR CHARACTER IS SO UNBEATABLE HE COULD TAKE ON A GOD. ALENIA HAS LIKE NARCOLEPSY AND SHE'S AFRAID TO PASS OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF BATTLE, MAKES HER A LITTLE MORE CONSERVATIVE OF HER ABILITIES RATHER THAN BLASTING. THE WORRY OF USING TOO MUCH MAKES FOR MORE IDK HESITATION, DISADVANTAGE, PROPER STRUGGLES IN A CONFLICT AND JUST SOME MEAT TO A SCENE. LIKE OH SHIT I CANT GO ALL OUT BECAUSE ILL RUN OUT OF ENERGY AND LOSE EITHER WAY. HMM MAYBE I SHOULD THINK UP CLEVER SKILLS, BASE MY ATTACKS ON WHAT I KNOW CAN COUNTER THE ENEMY'S ATTACKS. OH GOD NOT THAT HARD TO ADD FLAWS AND STILL HAVE A GOOD CHARACTER, ALENIA IS NOT MY BEST BUT AT LEAST THERE'S SOMETHING! RARGHHHH

I'm sure I'll add onto this but this is my rant so far. BYE

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So there's a lot of people thinking my collabs are recoloured bases.... 

3 deviants said The next person who calls me a hypocrite, I will draw one of my OCs tearing you to pieces
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1 deviant said News to you? I don't colour bases. I erase, patch up the background and draw my own.
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