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Notice: If it says it's on and it's not, sometimes I forget to update a notice

Most recent: FT OC Collab: Alenia, Jinx, Sherry and Destiny by Kalina1176
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Commissions are still pending. Hiatus is more like "withdrawing from world to work on work" lol 

so I've been writing away on the SS script and I'm a bit stumped. If I can't get over that stump I might move on and just do a short clip of what I have for SS so far.

as for other projects, I plan on doing a test animation or two.

Here are the original stories of mine in focus.

Pandora: Steampunk world where magic is rare and considered illegal, presence of creatures with magic and an energy the government wishes to use as a power source for their dying city. A small group of sky scouts that run a zeppelin  for patroll in the smaller classes of the military, encounter these creatures themselves and learn that they aren't as monstrous as the governement has educated them of and that the real nemesis is right under their nose.

Sinister Saints: A confused band of circus performers realize they're a little more than the usual circus freaks once they discover the urgency an unknown organization has to kill them off and/or collect them. The group explores their past and reveals dark secrets of their existence and of themselves. The real outlaw wears a mask.


Now I'm also willing to make Fanimations for the following:

Now I ask you guys!

Which characters would you like to see come to life for a brief test? And if you've got some ideas please toss em out here! Fanimations could possibly include features of others' OCs, 

1.Which Original story would you like to see become a fiction readable on DA?
2.Which Fan-based story would you like to see become a fan fiction?

3.Which original story would you like to see full animated and voiced in possible episodes?
4. Which original or fan-based story would you like to see in short test clipets? (your Oc could be featured if fan-based is decided)

IF I decide on a fan-based animation, I'll make a little contest/art trade.

if you come up with a cool plot idea (keep it simple) I will feature your character in the animation interacting with my characters in return. I'm just really indecisive and thought it'd be cool to work around your guys' feedback :D

Comment below with answers and suggestions!


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Jess (The Oblivious)
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These lovely animations are by PrinceTsun

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we should collab sometime ^^
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I'm up for it for sure :)
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Hello~! How much are your point commissions?
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They're listed in this…
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1. Please list five bands/singers that you like~<3
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3. Are there any characters that you think can represent you? (You can list several that each represent a different aspect of your personality.)
4. Can you think of any characters that you could compare me to? XD (Again, if you can think of several that would represent me in different ways, go for it.)
5. Are there any songs that you think really represent one of your characters and/or any of their shippings?
6. If you could travel anywhere, where would you want to go?
7. How many languages can you speak and what are they?Meow :3
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9. Is there a particular "type" of character you like? (Personality-wise, Appearance-wise, all of that stuff.Meow :3)
10. Now you can go ahead and ship me with a canon character from something.XD (But please, no Yuri. lol)


lol It's from a different tag, so it isn't a tag back. Although in your tag there was no rule against doing so.:giggle:
ForgottenShadow06 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014
Thanks for the favs Kali!! XD And thanks for ur comments they always make my day. Im very impressed with your artwork as well my dear friend. Uve been defintely getting better and better every time i take a quick glimpse at DA. Keep on drawing! (btw i dont know how you can create so many kewl characters! That and your apparell on those guys is insanely epic! i really wish i had a great big imagination for such things -sigh-, it takes me so long to make an alrightish looking outfit. U make it look easy but no way haha.) Its so fun to see ur art and OCs. Im a big big fan on unique characters so its always great to see or read up on their superawesomelyunique bg stories. They all look like super cool people. (i wish ocs were real haha XD, like really badly.) Its been a while so im glad i finally uploaded something and im even more thrilled to hear from u again! :tighthug: :tighthug: :tighthug: :tighthug: :tighthug:
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